ALL students are expected to wear FULL school uniform every day. Uniform must be worn to and from school, at lunchtime and recess, and on all school excursions.

The following items are acceptable as part of the school uniform:

  • Grey school pants

  • College tie - optional

  • Black leather school shoes

  • Blue school jumper or cardigan with school logo

  • Plain white or long sleeved shirt with school logo

  • Official black school jacket – blazer or spray jacket – with school logo

  • Pleated school skirt

  • Grey school shorts

  • School sports uniform (not to be worn to or from school)

  • School cap – blue or black with T logo

  • White, pale blue or black Hijab

The following items are not acceptable as part of the school uniform:

  • Denim jeans

  • Cargo pants

  • Pants with attached skirts

  • Pedal pushers

  • Tracksuit pants

  • Hooded tops

  • Basketball-style or straight skirts

  • Fitted 3/4 length sleeve shirts

  • Ribbed knitted skivvies

  • Sleeveless black jackets

  • Runners (except during PE classes and for lunchtime sport)

  • Facial piercings that are not a clear flat stud Facial ring piercings must be removed

  • Under garments must not have visible prints and be plain white only

  • Any item not specified in the 'acceptable' list


Students who fail to follow the school’s Uniform Policy will be subject to the following consequences:

  • Parent contact

  • Further action

If you need assistance to organise your uniform, please see your House Leader.

The college will support families in financial need in regard to the purchase of school uniform. Please contact the Student Welfare Coordinator.

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