Canteen Menu - Term 

Daily Specials                    $6.00

Chicken Souvlaki

Chicken Gyros Salad

Chicken Caeser Salad

Spud Day

Vietnamese Rolls

Special will change Daily


Classic Burgers                                $4.00   Beef, Lettuce, Cheese & Sauce

Junior Big Boy                                   $4.00  Beef, Cheese, Hash Brown, Sauce

Peri Peri Chicken Burger           $5.00 Chicken, Lettuce, Perri Perri Sauce


Sweet Chilli                                        $5.00

Chicken Parma                                 $5.00

Meat Ball                                             $5.00

Hot Food

Parma $6.50

Cheese burger $6.00

Chicken burger $6.00

Egg & bacon roll $5.00

Pizza slice $3.00

Sausage Dog $3.50

Margarita roll $3.50

Nachos $6.00

Goujons $6.00

Dim Sims x 2 $2.00

Potato cakes x 2 $2.00

Noodle cup $3.00

Cold Food

Salad bowl $6.00

Salad bowl (chicken) $8.00

Salad roll $6.00

Roast beef roll $6.00

Egg & lettuce roll $6.00

Bircher muesli $4.00

Sweet Chilli Sub              $6.50

Limited numbers of Rolls/Salads are made. 

Pre-ordering is recomended.            


Brownie       $2.50

Slices       $3.00

Donuts       $2.00

Assorted Chips $2.50


Mt Franklin Water  $3.00

600ml: Sprite, Coke No Sugar, Vanilla Coke $4.50

Cans: Sprite, Coke No Sugar, Vanilla Coke $2.50

Pump plain $4.00

Pump flavour $4.50

Powerade $5.00

Iced tea $5.00

Barrista Iced Coffee, Chocolate, Mocha $5.00

Ice Creams

Calippo            $2.00

Icy twist $2.00

Cyclones $2.50

PaddlePop $2.50

Lunch orders 

To pre order lunches, simply place your order over counter before 8.45


All products are Halal approved with the exception of Hot Dogs, Dim Sims and Sausage Rolls


EFTPOS Service Available

All prices include GST and are subject to change according to supplier's price increase.

Most items are available every day except special which will change daily.