Please note that students are expected to arrive at school by 8:50am for a 9:00am start.

It is highly recommended that you arrive at school by 8:50 to avoid a detention. A bell will sound 2 minutes before period 1 and after breaks, before periods 3 and 5 to signal that class is about to commence.

Students who arrive late to school must obtain a late pass from the Compass Kiosk in the office. After school detentions will be issued to students who arrive late without approval 3 or more times in a week.

Our library is open from 8:15 am for student use in the mornings.

At Tarneit Senior College we operate a 2 week timetable; Week A and Week B. Each Thursday in week A students finish school at 3:00pm and on Thursdays in Week B they finish at 1:50pm or 4:00pm if they have an assessment scheduled.

The current week is displayed on the students laptops and is displayed throughout the school and on the daily bulletin