The VCAL program aims to provide students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to make informed choices about pathways to work and further education.

The principles underpinning the VCAL are:

        • Accredited pathways for Secondary Students.
        • Tailoring a program to suit student’s interests.
        • Personal Development.
        • Development of work related and industry specific skills.

These principles are within the context of applied learning.

At Tarneit Senior College, we offer the VCAL program at Intermediate (Year 11)and Senior Level (Year 12).

  • INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: At intermediate level, the focus is on knowledge and employability skills development that leads to independent learning, confidence and a higher level of transferable skills.
  • SENIOR LEVEL: At this level the focus is on knowledge and employability skills that lead to a high level of interpersonal skills, independent action and achievement of tasks that require decision making and leadership. The demonstration of knowledge and skills which apply directly to the workplace or further training is also important.

Entry Requirements

All successful VCAL applicants must:

  • Successfully complete Year 10 with satisfactory level for Math and English.
  • Complete an application form
  • Participate in a parent/student/teacher interview
  • Satisfy the selection criteria, at the interview, that demonstrates commitment, co- operation and understanding of expectations
  • Complete Year 10 Work Experience

Students can enter at the level of VCAL to suit their learning needs, abilities and interests. Decisions about which VCAL level a student should be placed in should take into account the student’s literacy level, interests, goals and ability:

  • Strengths and interests
  • Preferred learning style Vocational goals
  • Readiness for participation in structured workplace learning or formal vocational education
  • Teacher and peer support needs
  • Envisaged pathway
  • Leadership capabilities