At Tarneit Senior College we pride ourselves on having a transparent, guaranteed and viable curriculum. This is visible through our extensive use of the Google Suite and available for students to view anywhere and at any time. We are a 1:1 technology school, where each students is provided with a chrome book for the 3 years that they are with us through our school bundle.

Each subject across the College, utilises Google sites, Google classroom as well as the suite of Google apps such as docs and slides. The Google suite allows teachers and students to always remain on the same page and offers a platform for productive collaboration and communication. The benefit of the Google suite is that everything is consistently updated in real time so no need to worry about missing any new information.

Google Sites:

Subject Google sites are laid out with all the information that students need for their subject. It includes information about their lessons, goals and learning activities. It also provided students with their course calendar and assessment information. Each lesson page is set out according to our GANAG instructional model and provides students with additional support and extension work when required.

Google Classroom:

Classroom is used as an online submission portal for students. All assignments and classwork can be allocated to students via the classroom and students, teachers and parents can keep track of work handed in and work still required. Parents are able to added to the classroom and receive weekly updates of their child’s progress.