Vocational Education & Training

At Tarneit Senior College you have the opportunity to graduate not just with your VCAL or VCE certificate but also with a nationally recognised qualification. This is an exciting prospect when we consider gaining an employability edge, gaining additional experience or simply to explore an interest area. Both VCE and VCAL students are able to select to complete a VET certificate as part of their program.

At Tarneit Senior College VCE students may undertake an internally delivered VET course. This means the certificate is delivered on site by Tarneit Senior College staff.

  • Community Services

  • Kitchen Operations

  • Sport and Recreation

  • Information, digital media and technology

  • Business

At Tarneit Senior College VCAL students may elect to undertake a VET program delivered on site or from a list of programs delivered externally.

Please note: All external VET programs will incur an additional charge. Details of this fee can be found here. Internal VET fees can be found here.

What is Vocational Education and Training (VET)?

Vocational Education and Training commonly referred to as VET, focuses on practical skills that prepare you for work. VET is delivered by teachers with industry experience and provides students with a nationally recognised qualification.

Benefits of undertaking a VET

There are a number of reasons why undertaking a VET and these include.

  • Potential head start joining the workforce.

  • Allows for the development of technical skills and key employability skills.

  • Prepares you for potential apprenticeship applications.


Read this information pack to find out more about VET and what it has to offer.

2020 Where to Now VET PDF.pdf

What VET courses are on offer?

There are a variety of VET subjects on offer that form part of the VET in schools (VETis) program. VET subjects range from a Certificate II l to a Certificate III level and also include some pre apprenticeship courses.

At Tarneit Senior College, we offer internal VET for our VCE students and a mixture of internal and external VET for our VCAL students. A full list of all the VET subjects available can be found in the link below, under the resources heading.

Are there any costs associated with undertaking a VET subject?


The costs will differ depending on which VET subject is selected. Students will be required to purchase extra materials to support them through their vet course which can include: learning resources and uniform.

Where are the VET subjects taught?

Depending on which VET has been selected, some will be delivered at different schools around the Wyndham area and some will operate internally at Tarneit Senior College. Please note that VCE students are only able to select VET offered internally at Tarneit Senior College.

VCAL students who select an external VET are expected to make their own way to and from the school where their VET is taking place.

2021 Wyndham Cluster VET Handbook - 17 July 2020.pdf
VET Cluster Fees - confidential.pdf

Please note: External VET offerings and costings are subject to change.