Students and their families may access the services of our school lawyer. Services offered are listed below.

The College Wellbeing team:

From: Left to Right

Alisa Khenkiksak- Social Worker, Kessia Ianzano - Psychologist, Martin Mielimaka - Assistant Principal, Stephen Baker, Assistant Principal, Tessa Portelli - Social Worker

Student Wellbeing is a priority at Tarneit Senior College.

The Wellbeing team provides a range of support to students at Tarneit Senior College. We support through counselling, referrals, applications for scholarships and resources such as textbooks, uniform and stationery. The Wellbeing team also facilitates a number of programs to support in the development of important life skills including, how to cope with difficult emotions and conflict resolution skills. Whole school events run by the Wellbeing team include; Harmony Day, Multicultural Day and R U OK Day.

The Wellbeing team is passionate about supporting students to achieve their full educational potential and assisting with any wellbeing concerns that arise.

If you believe your child needs support please contact your child's house leader to make a wellbeing referral.

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