House Structure

At Tarneit Senior College, students are allocated one of four houses. The house system provides a structure which develops an important sense of identity and belonging, providing students with opportunities for participation, involvement and leadership which are key aspects to developing self esteem, confidence and maturity.

The House Leader is responsible for overseeing the academic and social development of students within the House. As part of a pastoral care role, the House Leader encourages students, monitors academic progress, counsels and assists individuals with specific academic problems and takes a personal interest in each young persons growth toward adulthood. They are also responsible for discipline matters. Parents are encouraged to establish strong relationships with their childs House Leader, as he or she is vitally interested in the overall development of each student in the House.

Penrose House

Visha Lingham - House Leader

Leah Christou - Year 10

Melissa Brown -Year 11

Glen Sterwart - Year 12

Barak House

Daniel Guerrieri - House Leader

Laura Bonne - Year 10

Elise De Munari - Year 11

Olivia Meisel - Year 12

Gillard House

Justine Radford - House Leader

Melissa Tamraz - Year 10

Sophie Jewell - Year 11

Lauren Marino - Year 12

Chirnside House

Abby Graham - House Leader

Amelia Amuso - Year 10

Sophie Jean - Year 11

Katrina Ketsakidis -Year 12

Student House Leaders

Matangaro Taama - Year 11

Suzan Ersoy - Year 12

Student House Leaders

Kiara Huynh- Year 11

Muhammad Khalid - Year 12

Student House Leaders

Flynn Becker - Year 11

Alexis Hay-Spires- Year 12

Student House Leaders

Azhanti Pankingan - Year 11

Raima Khan - Year 12